Temporary Recruitment

Understanding the different types of recruitment can make it easier for companies like yours to be able to react to different levels of work and maintain your service levels. We know that sometimes you may need cover for a role on a short-term basis and that is where temporary recruitment can be really useful.

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Temporary recruitment can be time consuming

It can be tempting to try and get your existing staff to cover short-term vacancies as the hassle of trying to find someone who can understand the role and be useful within the team quickly can be really disheartening. At Outstaff, we do the handwork so that you can concentrate on the day to day running, our staff do the legwork and really do understand your industry so are aware of the calibre of candidate needed to fill the gap.

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Fast screening for temporary staff

We believe that any candidate we put forward should meet the highest of standards and that it doesn’t matter whether you need them for a year or a day. Our screen process applies to every person we bring through our books so you can be assured that what you ask for is what we will find for you. We always check for skills and qualifications and our tests can extend to psychometric testing if you want to learn more about the candidates we think would match with you. Testing is expensive when carried out externally but is just part of the service we offer.

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The basics of temporary recruitment

Our mission is to make your life as easy as possible, so while getting the right staff into the roles is, of course, our primary concern we can also take other pressures away. Things like administration and payroll can be time-consuming, so we can take care of these for you, meaning that your human resources impact doesn’t grow and you are free to get on with other important aspects of your business.

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Local temporary recruitment services

While our team actively seek the highest standard of both active and passive job seekers all the time, so we have a basis from which to start our search, we also have access to national job boards. This means that we have a head start on finding a perfect fit should we not have anyone suitable waiting. So, if you need to get someone up and running quickly, we can help in a timely manner. Certainly faster than having to start from scratch with adverts and the application process.

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Flexible temporary recruitment services

The bottom line is that whatever your recruitment need might be we are confident we can help. We can deal with temporary, permanent and fixed term contracts and have specialised recruitment staff in all sectors who really understand the needs of your industry which gives them a real insight when it comes to finding the perfect people to fill the gap in your service provision. Using Outstaff Recruitment in this way often costs a lot less than you might think, so why not ask us for more information.

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