The long expected and eagerly awaited Driver CPC driver hours checking facility is now available online via the government gateway system.

The Driving Standards Agency (D.S.A.) has created this facility to allow professional LGV and PCV drivers to view and check there Periodic Driver CPC training hour’s status.

Drivers can log in and view when they completed Driver CPC training (7 hour blocks), what Driver CPC training they completed and with whom they completed their training. It is also possible for employers (potential and existing) to log on and check to see how many hours a specific driver has completed. The facility given to employers is only temporary and will expire after a certain period (21 days.)

This new system should empower drivers and employers and make checking Driver CPC training much quicker and easier. To view driver details (and create an account) drivers must first register with the DSA system. This will be done using the individual’s driver number and postcode.

Visitors who wish to register and check but have not completed any Driver CPC training are told that they have no training schedule in place.

Before this checking facility was introduced drivers only had certificates (issued by the approved training provider) to confirm they had completed elements of Driver CPC training. Once an HGV or PCV driver has completed their 35th hour of Driver CPC training their Driver CPC Qualification Card (DCPCQC) will be issued direct to their home address. You can access the Driver CPC checking system anytime, night or day.