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Fixed Term Recruitment

Fixed term recruitment isn’t just a temporary solution. That’s why we bring the same professionalism and passion to recruiting interim candidates as we do permanent ones.

Employing contract staff can present complex challenges without due attention to the latest developments in employment law. We guarantee that all fixed term personnel are fully compliant.

  • Access best talent – If you use Outstaff Fixed-Term Recruitment you’re statistically more likely to access the best job-seekers on the market (both active and passive).

  • Specific Service – Sometimes, your requirements might be very specific.  They might be so tight, that you need an Outstaff Fixed-Term Recruitment expert who understands the candidates in your niche and has a database of them to call upon.

  • Time saver – Using Outstaff will reduce the time and in-house resource that you need to dedicate to recruitment.  It should also lead to a quicker turnaround on filling the vacancies, which in turn leads to increased efficiency of the organisation.

  • Fixed-Term services – Outstaff offers a range of Fixed-Term specialist services such as psychometric tests, to help give you an unique insight into your future hires.  Sourcing these tests independently can be time consuming and expensive.

  • Sector expertise – Outstaff’s recruitment consultants are experts at screening, filtering and profiling candidates.

  • Seasonal demand – Another great reason to use Outstaff Fixed-Term Recruitment is to give you flexibility in your fixed-term recruitment planning to meet cyclical/market demand e.g. holiday cover in busy times such as Christmas.

  • Fixed-Term Recruitment – Outstaff will improve the efficiency of a company’s recruitment process through direct access to national job boards.

  • Shortlisting the best – Outstaff will ordinarily only shortlist the correctly qualified personnel, meaning that you don’t have to.

  • Salary bench-marking – If you’ve got a role and you’re unsure what the correct salary is for the position, Outstaff is ideally placed to give you an accurate market rate using salary data and local market knowledge.