Seven Reasons to Outstaff your Recruitment

If the thought of relinquishing control over your recruitment still gives you heart palpitations, you are not alone. Why then, is there is a significant market shift towards outsourcing some or all of the recruitment process?

The answer is simple. The goal of every company should be to attract, hire and then retain the very best talent in the market.

In recent years, many businesses have idealised the goal of 100% direct hiring.  The issue is that direct hires should not be confused with the best hires.  Although a few internal hiring departments manage brilliantly, these often rely on a prestigious brand to attract both great recruiters and great candidates (think Google) – and the fact is, most companies just don’t manage so well.

Let’s consider then, why businesses might choose to prioritise people search by utilising a whole bunch of specialists. Here are seven reasons why outsourcing is soaring:

1. Reduced procurement costs

We mention this first because it should be the most obvious, but is often overlooked. Some of the largest UK brands are outsourcing their recruitment because, ultimately, it is cheaper. They are always saving on the bottom line by using an agreed agency.

2. Save on time (and admin)

Timesheets, umbrella companies, compliance – the list of employment headaches goes on. An MSP provider guarantees to take all this on and they will have a whole administrative department set up to deal with exactly that.

3. Technology

Let’s face it, not many heads of procurement are also technology experts. A great RPO/MSP provider has every motivation to ensure your talent technology is top of its game, because it makes their life easier. Some committed providers even build technology around the client, to create an entirely made-to-measure hiring process.

4. Employer brand

This point is an immediate follow-on from the last. Good technology will ensure that your roles are presented in the ideal way through a job portal and that applications are straight forward. What’s more, you know that your branded adverts are reaching a wide audience, through multiple specialist channels.

5. Performance control

Finding it hard to assess your own departments’ shortfalls with an objective eye? It’s almost guaranteed that you wouldn’t have the same problem with third party. The beauty of outsourcing is that of you’re not actually giving up control, you’re getting it back because of that new-found ability to critically analyse both successes and struggles.

6. Hire better candidates, faster.

Need to hire 100 contractors directly by next week? Sounds like a challenge. Need those people to be qualified, top quality employees? Good luck. A good managed service provider is set up to supply both quantity and quality across a range of sectors and ultimately the struggle is theirs to deal with – you just get the right people starting on the right day.

7. A better experience

Although ‘candidate experience’ is a currently a hot-topic in recruitment it’s also important to include hiring manager experience here, because a successful managed service is proven to improve both. Candidates get consistency and customer service, whilst hiring managers now follow a tried and tested process and have a dedicated point of contact for any problems.

Here’s the bottom line: the trend for increasing outsourcing in recruitment is here to stay because making great hires is what takes a company from ticking-over to taking-off. If you feel you have little visibility or control over your recruitment, it may be time to consider that a specialist solution might be able to give you that competitive edge and cut procurement costs in one fell sweep.