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Chester-le-Street (/ˈtʃɛstərlistriːt/) is a town in County Durham, England. Its history goes back to the building of a Roman fort called Concangis. This Roman fort is the “Chester” (from the Latin castra) of the town’s name; the “Street” refers to the paved Roman road that ran north–south through the town, and which is now called Front Street.

Chester-le-Street is located 7 miles (11 km) south of Newcastle upon Tyne and 8 miles (13 km) west of Sunderland on the River Wear. The parish church of St Mary and St Cuthbert is where the body of St Cuthbert remained for 112 years before being transferred to Durham Cathedral, and the site of the first translation of the Gospels into English, Aldred writing the Old English gloss between the lines of the Lindisfarne Gospels there.

A market town, the town holds markets Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

From 1894 until 2009 the town had its own local government district. Originally from 1894, this was the Chester-le-Street Rural District, which covered the town and several outlying villages. In 1909 the inner part of the Rural District was separated out to form the new Chester-le-Street Urban District Council, which covered the town as it was at that time. By 1974, however, the town of Chester-le-Street had expanded far beyond the boundary of the Urban District and during that year’s Local Government reorganisation, the Urban District was amalgamated with parts of the remaining Rural District to form the new Chester-le-Street District. The Chester-le-Street District Council was abolished in 2009 when County Durham became a unitary authority as part of the 2009 structural changes to local government in England, a move that was controversial at the time.

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We connect top performing board level and senior executives in the public and not for profit sectors with organisations in health, education, government, charities and housing. Find out more on our Outstaff Executive offering or get in touch with our team of executive search experts.

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The size of our company and subsequent agility allows us to tailor our Chester le Street employment campaigns on a modular, retained or contingent basis to meet the needs of individual businesses. By working closely with our clients in Chester le Street, we gain a more in-depth understanding of their specific recruitment challenges and goals to deliver the best possible solution to our clients and ensure we find the most suitable candidates for their job roles, expertly matching skill-sets, experience and cultural fit. Whether you are looking to fill niche or highly specialist roles in Chester le Street, target under-represented groups or recruit a large volume of staff, we have the solutions to help.

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Outstaff’s Total Outstaff offering in Chester le Street, supported and delivered by our exclusive PORTAL, offers considerable benefits to clients, including cost savings, increased visibility and control, streamlined processes and better talent attraction. Unlike most recruitment agencies Chester le Street, we have adapted our own processes so that we now have the flexibility to offer a managed service job services Chester le Street to organisations regardless of their size or recruitment volumes.

Outstaff Chester le Street is a cost-effective and completely transparent recruitment system designed to delivery large-scale campaigns with great results, using our state of the art recruitment, portal, Outstaff.

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We offer a range of comprehensive online advertising options to businesses in Chester le Street, including our own Jobs Board, sponsored job listings and advice on social media strategies, for maximum exposure for your campaign and high quality candidate attraction. Using our recruitment knowledge in Chester le Street, we will create a package that will offer the best return on investment for your organisation.

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