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Outstaff is one of the leading employment agencies in Linslade, offering temporary workforce solutions. We provide our clients with a low-cost and risk-free temporary recruitment service. Businesses in Linslade go through culmination and off-peak seasons, and sometimes you need a little extra manpower to assist you during those busiest periods. If you need temporary staff to help keep things running during those busy times, then we can help.

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Permanent Recruitment Linslade

Here at Outstaff, we provide permanent recruitment on a contingency or retained basis. Most of our clients are surprised to learn that retained search usually costs less than contingency – even with expenses. The reason is increased cost effectiveness for us. To date our successful completion rate for retainers has been over 95% as compared to an industry average of 10% on contingency. This approach allows our clients access to passive candidates who are not available elsewhere in the market place, A quicker recruitment process due to added resources being dedicated to the position, and A client driven process, individually customized to them.

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