Engineering & Automotive Recruitment

Finding skilled Engineering & Automotive team members can be hard at the best of times but what happens if you need to up staff in a hurry? You might have landed an unexpected contract or just be experiencing an unusually busy period but how do you go about finding the people you need? That is where we come in. At Outstaff we understand how valuable time is and we will do our best to find the staff you need in a super fast time scale, without compromising on quality.

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Your company’s very own recruitment partner.

Businesses today can find themselves needing that extra bit of support from time to time. You might have suddenly got a big contract or project and find your team is spread too thin or you might be down a few people because some staff are sick with the flu. That’s just two examples there are many more reasons why businesses can find themselves needing some extra help and support.

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Engineering & Automotive Recruitment Specialists – Resourcing The Skills You Need


We are not just looking for people to fill your vacancies we are explicitly looking for the qualifications and skills that you need. There is no point in placing staff that cannot do the job as that is frustrating for you and a waste of everyone’s time. Our team take the greatest of care to find candidates that have the qualifications needed to come in and get going from day one. We do not rely on word of mouth either, qualifications checking forms part of our in-depth screening process. So, we will follow up and seek evidence of any skills the candidate might have; we will pick up references from previous employers and much more. There are mandatory checks that need to be made, such as passport and driving licences checks, endorsements or criminal records, the right to work and many other things. These are really time-consuming for an employer which is why we get all these done for you. We want you to focus on your area of expertise which is, of course, running your business, while we focus on ours. We find the best people for the job.

Short or fixed term Engineering or Automotive jobs?


We are often asked if part-time positions are a problem, and the simple answer is no, not at all. We can cater for any job requirement just tell us what you need. Whether you need someone full time for a few weeks, or part-time for a couple of months, we have a great team of experienced Engineering & Automotive staff all looking for something different. It doesn’t matter how long the contract will last, we have workers waiting to come in on short notice and help you through a bit of a tricky spot, and we have staff looking for permanent contracts, so really the choice is yours. Obviously, the longer we work with a company, the more our team get to understand what you do and know your needs, and we thrive on making sure you can get your job done without fear of missing deadlines or not having the staff. We can even run in-house training in many areas, so do ask if you would like to find out more. No matter what skill you are looking for, or how long the contract lasts we really can help so that you can sit back, have a coffee and relax knowing that staffing is one problem you do not need to worry about anymore.

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We’re the experts in Recruitment

Just like your company has expertise in a particular field, Outstaff is a specialist company that provides recruitment services. We have the experience and expertise to find the right staff for your business better than you do because it’s what we do. We’re always at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry, ensuring that our clients are receiving the best efficiencies in their operations. An outstaffing company, such as Outstaff, affords you a higher level of service at a lower cost, bringing world-class capabilities to your facility not otherwise available from in-house resources.