Transport & Logistics Recruitment

The process of getting things to the location they need to be in, on time and within budget is possibly one of the biggest headaches faced by transport and logistics companies. Smaller companies often have a small transport operation in place to deliver orders to customers. Issues with the congestion on UK roads can be a stumbling block on a daily basis and being short of drivers can exacerbate this even further leading to drivers having to do more, while trying to stay below their allowable hours. We understand how important it is to find reliable drivers when you need them and are here to help.

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Businesses today can find themselves needing that extra bit of support from time to time. You might have suddenly got a big contract or project and find your team is spread too thin or you might be down a few people because some staff are sick with the flu. That’s just two examples there are many more reasons why businesses can find themselves needing some extra help and support.

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The Logistics Nightmare Alleviated with Outstaff Transport & Logistics Recruitment


Here at Outstaff, we have a transport and logistics recruitment team who have experience in the industry and understand the issues you face. They have spent time scanning the country and finding skilled drivers and logistics staff to keep on our books so that when you need someone, we can get them to you quickly, ready to work. Clearly, when it comes to recruiting drivers, you need to have confidence in their licence classification and any endorsements and other criminal records, and we will have checked these for you.

The Variety of Transport & Logistics Recruitment


We also understand that the needs of a role vary, in some cases, you will need a driver for a couple of days, and other times for weeks or months. We have an extremely flexible approach so are careful to find people looking for different job roles. Some of our drivers are looking to work full time; others prefer part-time. We have HGV drivers, those who enjoy long-haul runs and those who drive smaller vehicles meaning we can be confident in finding you the ideal person for the job. If we do not have someone ready and waiting to start, we will get to work finding them for you quickly and efficiently.

Ensuring Quality in Transport and Logistics Recruitment


We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t ensure that you were able to provide your services without problems. Our ethos is to support our clients in the same way as we care about our own team. With this in mind, we have developed a robust screening process that we can be sure covers all bases so you will not have any unexpected surprises from your new team members. As already noted in transport this means we have made careful checks of their driving license documentation, but we do further than that.

In-Depth Transport & Logistics Recruitment Screening for Peace of Mind


We make checks on work history, take up references and ensure that the candidate has the right to work here in the UK. There are many checks we can make, and some do depend on the industry, but we are confident we have covered everything for our transport and logistics clients. If you want to know whether we have made a specific check, please do ask us, and our team will be more than happy to go through the whole process with you.

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We’re the experts in Recruitment

Just like your company has expertise in a particular field, Outstaff is a specialist company that provides recruitment services. We have the experience and expertise to find the right staff for your business better than you do because it’s what we do. We’re always at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry, ensuring that our clients are receiving the best efficiencies in their operations. An outstaffing company, such as Outstaff, affords you a higher level of service at a lower cost, bringing world-class capabilities to your facility not otherwise available from in-house resources.