Brighton and Hove is a vibrant area with many opportunities just waiting for the right person to come along. If you are hoping that it could be you and are unsure of where to look to find your dream job, take a look at the hundreds of local vacancies right here.

All types of jobs in Brighton

It really doesn’t matter what industry you are hoping to find a role in; everything is covered from catering to care work, childcare to warehouse and many more in between. The thing all of these roles have in common is they have been handpicked to ensure that the perfect candidates can be found and that really might be you.

Flexible jobs Brighton

One thing we know about job seekers in Brighton and Hove is the diverse range of talent and this, in turn, means how the role works is going to be different too, which is why there are temporary roles, permanent roles, part-time roles, full-time roles, the only thing we don’t supply is the bread rolls for lunch!

Get the best Brighton jobs

Competition is always fierce, so you will want to make sure you stand out, and this means taking time to brush up your CV and boxing clever with your experience and skills. You are basically selling yourself and want to make sure you give a new manager the reasons to pick you. The last thing anyone wants to do is have to hunt down the skills that match the job they are advertising, so you must do the leg work. While your CV is a pretty factual document that won’t change much from application to application, your covering letter needs to be unique. Having a standard covering letter is not going to cut it, you want to be matching your skills to the job skills for the employer, not making them wade through and see if you might fit. Initiative is something of a dying skill and one we try and get all our job hunters to hone; employers do not have time to hold your hand, so right from the first contact you want to make sure you stand out as someone who can think for themselves.

Skills for finding work in Brighton

While you are waiting for us to process your application and help you find that all-important new job, how about brushing up on your interview skills. It is essential you are confident, not cocky, polite, but not simpering, and you allow your personality to show. Everyone recruits differently but the basic skills remain the same, simple things as engaging with all the people in the room, not yawning and looking at your watch, and remembering to thank them for their time go further than you might think. It sounds simple, but when you sit in on as many interviews as we do, the horrors haunt you forever. All that remains is to show up (on time please!), and with luck, it won’t be long before that offer of employment is made. About Brighton.

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